Our Approach

Our Mission

We are dedicated to easing the suffering of children in the Greater Los Angeles area, whether due to disease, disability, abuse, neglect or poverty.

Our History

The organization was founded in 2000 for women who had tired of the traditional charity gala fundraising model and desired a more cost-effective way to give back, as well as a chance to put their intellectual and professional skills to good use.

Our Approach

We are comprised of over 200 local women who each commit $6,000 annually and pool the funds to make a single targeted grant to one non-profit organization with a dream project that we can make possible. Each project must serve as an innovative, replicable new approach to filling a critical unmet need of children. Our intent is to create maximum impact and best leverage our dollars. All grant recipients are closely monitored and must continue to meet specific benchmarks.

As we are designed for busy women, no time commitment is required. But various stimulating and rewarding opportunities to participate are available, including being involved in the grant process and advocating for state and local laws and policies benefiting children and youth. We also host an annual salon series to further our awareness and deepen our knowledge of the most pressing current issues facing children and youth.

Our Grant Selection Process

Each year, a team of 20 members, trained by our professional consultant, performs an intense and thorough vetting of a group of roughly 20 grant candidates. They ultimately select two finalists, one of which is awarded the $1 million gift by vote of the entire membership at-large. Everychild also provides a smaller grant to the runner-up agency.

Everychild’s Ripple Effect

The Everychild Foundation has caused a ripple effect in the community and beyond beginning with its success in leveraging its grants. Everychild seeks to fund projects that are prototypes and can inspire replication either within the community, nationwide or even worldwide.

Everychild has also served as a catalyst for multiple other philanthropic acts both among individual members and beyond, creating a “philanthropic multiplier effect.” For example, individual Everychild members have often made gifts to the grant runner-up candidates. This began with Advisory Board Member, Gregory Mitchell, CEO and President of California National Bank arranging for the bank to fund Stone Soup’s after school programs, followed by Member Jane Wurwand and The Dermalogica Foundation funding the Mar Vista Family Center’s expansion project. On another occasion, Member Monica Rosenthal and other Everychild members provided the funds to allow Inner City Arts to realize its new theater project. The Rosenthals also funded the John Tracy Clinic’s Sound Beginnings program to screen newborns for hearing loss. If detected early, such losses can be completely curable with cochlear implants.

In addition, the Everychild Foundation has also served as the direct inspiration for the creation of at least 30 new charitable groups. Here is a sample:

  • The Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
  • The Women’s Fund of Northern Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria, CA
  • The Nevada Women’s Philanthropy Foundation, Las Vegas, NV
  • Today and Tomorrow Children’s Fund at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
  • Women Helping Youth, Pacific Palisades, CA
  • AVIVA Platinum Associates, Los Angeles, CA
  • Blue Heron Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
  • The Grove Trust, London, England
  • The Women’s Foundation, London, England
  • One Sky Giving Circle, San Francisco, CA
  • Social Capital Philanthropists, Los Angeles, CA
  • Kehillat Israel Tzedakah Teens, Pacific Palisades, CA


But the ripple effects do not end there. While most private foundations have, at most, a handful of people reviewing their grant applications, Everychild has a team of 20 trained by a professional consultant, plus the consultant herself. This has helped Everychild to garner a reputation as having one of the most thorough grant review processes in Los Angeles. Directors at other prestigious local foundations have stated that if a project can survive Everychild’s review process, it must possess merit. Consequently, a number of these projects have received the attention of other philanthropists in the community, resulting in significant grants.

Family members of Everychild women have also become inspired by the foundation and its accomplishments. While they do not directly participate in the grant selection process, they are encouraged to attend ground breakings, project openings, salons and other events. Many family members have expressed how much they have learned by attending these events and how it has stimulated discussion at their dinner tables about children’s issues and philanthropy. Invariably, the result has been an increase in charitable activities of their own and more thoughtful investigation beforehand.

Policy/Activism Work

Members become skilled in advocating for policies and legislation benefiting children and youth. Over the years, Everychild’s voice has earned deep respect at all levels of government and has helped decision-makers better understand the ramifications their actions have upon our youngest, most vulnerable citizens who lack a voice.