Our History

Everychild Timeline

1999 – Founding
The Everychild Foundation was founded in November 1999 by Jacqueline J. Caster as a result of her longstanding commitment to activities alleviating the suffering and expanding the prospects of children.

2000 – Operations Begin
Since operations began in July 2000, Everychild Foundation has made more than $14.5 million in grants. The group has grown from 56 women in its first year to reach its target of 225 today and has funded projects directly serving the needs of more than 500,000 local area children.

2001 – First Grant Awarded
First grant awarded to QueenCare to equip the first mobile dental clinic in Los Angeles to provide on-site services to children at Los Angeles Unified School District campuses.

2004 – Named Outstanding Private Foundation
In recognition of its contributions to the community and its philanthropic innovation, the Everychild Foundation is named “Outstanding Private Foundation in Los Angeles” by the Association for Fundraising Professionals. Everychild is the youngest organization to which this award was ever presented.

2006 – First $1 Million Grant
In 2006, Everychild awards its first $1 million grant, and, for the first time, has a waitlist to join. It has attracted an eclectic array of members, including professionals, celebrities, stay-at-home mothers, and retired women all united by their concern for helping children in the community in a novel, efficient way.

The grants have progressively increased in size. The initial $230,000 grant in 2001 more than doubled to $600,000 in 2005. The first $1 million dollar grant was awarded in 2006 and $1 million grants continue into Everchild’s second decade of operation.  The annual membership has averaged roughly 200, with a very low attrition rate of under 10%.

2010 – Ten Year Anniversary
In 2010, Everychild celebrated its 10-year anniversary by awarding its fifth $1 million grant and a once-in-a-decade celebration dinner.

The Future of Everychild

Our second decade fully underway, the Everychild Foundation presents a strong example of a successful, efficient, leveraged, giving format. It can be replicated among interest groups seeking a democratic, decentralized, and involved approach to giving, and need not be cause specific. In Los Angeles, it has enabled women who are philanthropically minded to join together by pooling their brain power and financial resources. With federal and state program dollars shrinking, this unique model gives Everychild Foundation a chance to help fill program gaps in the community it serves.