May 25, 2004

Dear Everychild Foundation,

Thanks to your inspiring work as told in the LA Times, and later told directly to our Women in Philanthropy group, we now will be launching the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara! An exploratory committee worked for some weeks to come up with the specifics and last week I presented it to a lunch gathering of about 40 Women in Philanthropy participants. They were quite excited about it and we are much encouraged about it’s potential for success. We are going with your concept of introducing women to the Fund with simple morning coffees, and a fair number of women have already offered to host them.  Our goal is “Forty Five Fabulous Female Founders” in the coming months.  So far, this has been a most rewarding experience for me personally, and I will feel a great sense of accomplishment when we make our first gift to a project or cause benefiting women, children, and families in SB! The women seem well aware of what an impact a gift of at least $50-100+ thousand dollars can make.  Many have been “in the trenches” putting on labor intensive events and jumping through hoops for small grants!

So, your work certainly has reached beyond your Foundation in LA.  I’d love to be on the mailing list for your newsletter, just to get new ideas, and I’d be happy to send you our complete plan if you’re interested. Thanks again for helping us launch this important work.


Carol Palladini

Santa Barbara, California

December 12, 2002

A letter to Everychild member, Terry Hamermesh, from her four year

old daughter, Tessa:

June 21, 2002

Dear Jacqueline:

For the past year, the elementary school students involved with

our organization have been working hard to improve their reading

with the help of their volunteer reading partners. In recognition

of this hard work, The Wonder of Reading recently threw a celebration

party and handed out gift bags to each one of our 650 students.

The bags contained toys and two brand new books. (Many of the children

participating in our program have no books of their own.) The students

were thrilled to receive the beautiful books that Everychild

Foundation donated for the event. From the enclosed pictures (right),

you can see that the items were greatly appreciated by all!

Thank you so much for your assistance in making this event a success

and for adding a bit of brightness to our students’ lives. Without

community support like yours, The Wonder of Reading would not be

able to fulfill its purpose to inspire in children the love of reading.

Thank you again for all of the fantastic books we received from the annual

luncheon! We appreciate your support!


Beth Michelson


The Wonder of Reading

April 3, 2002

Dear Jacqueline:

Thank you very much for the overwhelmingly generous donation

of books by your members for the 2002 Annual Volunteer & Student

Recognition Event. We received a total of 638 books of which 344

will go directly into the gift bags for the students in our 3R Program.

Seven of the books were quite special, and thus we will keep them

for use as incentive books. Of the remaining 287 gently used books,

they have been made available to volunteers for use with their students

during reading sessions. We have had a great response.

Please convey to your members that we are humbled by their generosity

and assistance in providing so many beloved titles to our students.


Tarry Kang

Outreach Coordinator

The Wonder of Reading

March 4, 2002

Dear Jackie,

On behalf of all of us at the Wonder of Reading, I want to thank

you and the Everychild Foundation for all of your support. I hope

that each of your members will be able to attend a library grand

opening over the next four years. I believe that you will be both

proud of and touched by the impact of your investment in the elementary

school children of Los Angeles.

With deep appreciation and warm wishes,

Beth Michelson

Executive Director

The Wonder of Reading

December 2001

To say we Board Members of The Wonder of Reading are deeply

gratified and appreciative of our new partnership with the Everychild

Foundation is the stuff of understatement. Better to call Hamlet

an okay play, the Mona Lisa a pretty nice painting, and the

Superbowl a modestly followed sporting event.

Truly, there is a deep and abiding appreciation–make that unbridled

joy–on the part of our Board members regarding Everychild’s commitment

to help us build more libraries and match disadvantaged students

with Wonder of Reading volunteers. Indeed, the dedicated mission

advanced by Everychild is without peer. Pairing a passionate concern

for the welfare of children with resolute actions, Everychild is

changing young lives in a direct way. We at the Wonder of Reading

are honored to be recognized by this exceptional group, to have

been chosen by Everychild as a significant healing force in Southern


Yes, acknowledgment by Everychild means much to us, confirmation

of a job well done. But more than a sure pat on the back for the

work we are carrying out, Everychild’s support is meaningful because

of the thousands if youngsters who will be transformed by the group’s

noble help. The enduring significance of Everychild’s recognition

is its ongoing contribution, a contribution that will enrich so

many lives for so many years to come.

Miles Beller

Board Member

The Wonder of Reading

October 18, 2001

Dear Members of the Everychild Foundation,

Thank you very much for the backpacks and the kindergarten readiness

materials included in each pack. The students really enjoyed the

gifts. They were so excited when they opened up their backpacks

and saw the crayons, pencil, pen, books and writing pad. They wanted

to open up and examine each gift individually. The students commented

that now they had new crayons that they could use to really do a

good job on their homework. They loved the child size scissors and

glue, not to mention the stylish black backpacks.

Everything they received was very necessary to continue the learning

process at home. Thank you for your consideration and donations.


Elizabeth Palazzo, Classroom Teacher, Union

Avenue School

Dear Jackie,

Just a note to say how grateful I am for you and the amazing

miracle you have worked to accomplish in the last 8 months through

the Everychild Foundation. I am proud to work with you. Please let

me know how I can best help.

Reverend Patricia Farris

First United Methodist Church, Santa Monica

Dear Jackie, Cynthia and Debbie,

Congratulations on a wonderful launch of the first project of the

Everychild Foundation. The “foundation” has been publicly laid for

not only a new approach to philanthropy but also to a new structure

and way of connecting donors to the effects of their giving. It

is a winning combination. Thank you again for inviting me to witness

this “birthing.” I was deeply gratified to have been a small part

of helping it to happen.

Patricia Murar

Executive Director

Los Angeles Women’s Foundation

Dear Jackie,

Because you have vision and the fortitude to make your dream a reality;

thousands of children will be served and hundreds will avoid needless

pain and suffering.

The Everychild Foundation’s Mobile Dental Clinic is health care;

but it is also going to allow children the opportunity to take advantage

of their educational opportunities. Thank you for sharing your vision

with our mission…together we are making a difference.


Your Friends at QueensCare