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The mission of the Everychild Foundation is to ease the suffering of children in the Greater Los Angeles area, whether due to disease, disability, abuse, neglect or poverty.

News About our 2021 Grant Cycle

As child and youth-focused agencies throughout Los Angeles County continue to face enormous challenges with operations resulting from the pandemic, we wanted to let you know that our Executive Board has met (virtually, of course) to decide upon the appropriate protocol for Everychild’s 2021 grantmaking. Once more, we unanimously agreed to break from awarding our traditional annual single grant and instead will award 4 grants of $250,000.

Our Grant Outreach Committee will refer a group of pre-vetted agencies to our Grant Screening Board to conduct its process of ultimately selecting potential grantees. In lieu of selecting 2 finalists to present at the annual grant hearing, Everychild Members will vote on finalists after receiving detailed information on potential grantees.

While some of the finer details have yet to be worked out, we believe, given the enormity of the current crisis and how it is impacting so many children’s non-profit organizations, this is the right course of action. It is our sincere hope, though, that in 2022 the situation will be less dire and we will be able to resume awarding our normal single $1 million award for a single transformative new project.

Jacqueline Caster
Founder and President

2020 Grant Announcement

Everychild Makes $1 Million in COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grants

Due the extraordinary circumstances facing so many Los Angeles-area children and youth during the COVID-19 epidemic, our Everychild Foundation Executive Board unanimously voted to adjust our typical grant procedures this year.

Instead of awarding one agency a single grant for a new or expansion project, our 2020 $1 million award has been equally spread among eight worthy recipients to assist their operations in easing the suffering of children, youth and their families during this crisis. This is the first time we have broken with our normal protocol of awarding a single $1 million gift to one agency with a new dream project.

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Everychild Foundation Awards 2019 $1 Million Grant to Homeboy Industries

The Everychild Foundation has awarded this year’s $1 million grant to Homeboy Industries (HBI) to create the first “Homeboy Industries Youth Re-Entry Center: A Home for Everychild” in Los Angeles County. The nationally recognized program focuses on helping high-risk, gang-involved youth aged 14-21, who are on probation and live in poverty.

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The Everychild Foundation makes one grant per year of $1 million.  The grant is funded through annual contributions from members.

Grant Recipients


Members become skilled in advocating for policies/legislation benefiting children and youth and help decision-makers better understand the ramifications their actions have on young people.

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ECF Difference

Over 90% of our budget goes to the children. No fundraising galas. Each member contributes $6K per year which we pool to create an annual $1 million grant.

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Membership in the Everychild Foundation (EIN #31-1693985) is open to all women who are interested in helping Los Angeles area children in need. Click below to learn more.

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