Everychild 2002 Grant: Violence Intervention Program Community Mental Health Center (VIP CMHC)

With the initial investment from both the S. Mark Taper Foundation and The Everychild Foundation, VIP established the Everychild Center for the Vulnerable Child located within the S. Mark Taper Family Advocacy Center.

VIP provides wrap-around services for physically and sexually abused children in Los Angeles County. The creation of a welcoming and vibrant Center allowed VIP to expand the number of abused children they are able to counsel, but also resulted in an innovative collaboration between VIP-CMHC, the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, and the Department of Children and Family Services, which created the unique HUB system.

This program provides expert medical and mental health assessments to all children entering foster care, offering them a medical home that also provides legal aid. Tens of thousands of children have passed through the doors since opening, and children evaluated by VIP have an easier time being placed and remaining in their initial placements. The County of Los Angeles has now deemed ‘HUB’ the ideal program for improving the safety of children in the dependency system.