Everychild 2012 Grant: Public Counsel / Alliance for Children’s Rights

The Everychild Foundation Families Forever Project was created to wrap a full range of supports around those who open their homes and hearts to foster children. These services aim to ensure the long-term success of these placements. Our grant enabled the Alliance, in partnership with Public Counsel, to complete thousands of adoptions and guardianships for abused and neglected children, who need support to address special needs and behavioral issues. Thousands of children now enter kindergarten, ready to achieve alongside their peers with sufficient medical and mental healthcare, and financial assistance.

As a result of systematically and comprehensively assessing each child’s and family’s needs, the partnership developed a new “holistic services” model, which is attracting national attention. This new wrap-around program has helped to ensure stability and success, and opened doors to permanency for thousands of families, who change their lives to provide a better one for children in and at-risk of entering foster care.