Everychild President’s Blog August 29, 2013

Everychild President’s Blog August 29, 2013

As the summer winds down, Everychild members gear up to select our next $1 million grant in October. The two candidates, The Children’s Clinic and The Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center, have been hard at work the past three months putting together their final proposals to present at our Annual Grant Hearing. Everychild members will soon receive an announcement of the hearing date and location, along with important materials on each candidate’s proposal.

Plan to attend the hearing. We had a record attendance last year, and we want to surpass that record this year. The grant hearing is the highlight of the year for Everychild members.
Kudos to the Grant Screening Board and Grant Outreach Committees for bringing forward these two outstanding agencies! If you are a potential member, there is no better time to join Everychild as you will have a chance to participate in the exciting voting process.
Also, the upcoming evening salon with Senator Lieu promises to be one of the best ever. We’ll all have the opportunity to run our own ideas for legislation by a very active, prominent Senate leader as well as hear updates on some of the bills he is sponsoring for the next legislative session.

Remember to take a look at Everychild’s Facebook page. There you will find information on important events and programs for agencies that have received our grants in past years.
Everychild members are also encouraged to sign up for an Everychild committee. Becoming active on a committee can be meaningful for you and very helpful toward achieving our goals.

Lots happening!

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