Everychild 2008 Grant: St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

St. John’s Well Child and Family Center created Everychild Foundation’s Healthy Homes, Healthy Kids (HHHK), an environmental health project integrating comprehensive pediatric medical care with education, case management services and tenant assistance to reduce children’s exposure to health hazards present in their own homes, including lead-based paint, rodents, cockroaches and dust mites.

Together with partners Esperanza Community Housing Corporation and Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, HHHK has served thousands of children living in South Los Angeles since its inception. On average, 82% of asthmatic children receiving case management had a reduction in asthma attacks and symptoms and were diagnosed by their physician as finally having their asthma under control. All children with elevated levels of lead in their blood had those levels reduced.

The success of this grant inspired St. John’s to expand the program to adult patients. Additionally, the pediatric program has been replicated by the state to serve patients throughout California.

HHHK’s impressive results also enabled St. John’s and its partners to receive their first grant from a national foundation: the Kresge Foundation’s Advancing Safe and Healthy Housing Initiative. Although the Everychild Foundation’s grant period ended in 2010, the impact of their gift continues to grow exponentially.