Everychild 2007 Grant: Mar Vista Family Center

With the construction of the Everychild Foundation Youth Center, Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) increased capacity in its highly regarded community programs to accommodate over 900 children and youth annually. The new space allows more children and youth to participate in existing programs and the provision of new community services.

Each year over 1,200 children and youth participate year-round in after-school tutoring, mentoring, college preparation, leadership, civic engagement, various dance classes, martial arts, arts and crafts, creative arts, cooking, health and wellness, sports, reading club, chess club, financial literacy, peer counseling, a STEM certificate program, as well as annual events such as the Literacy Fair, Community Festivals, College Fair, Youth Conference, and Art & Music Festival.

With the Everychild Foundation Youth Center, MVFC has decreased the numbers of youth joining gangs, and increased the number graduating from college, many of whom come back to volunteer in their community. The grant has provided MVFC the appropriate space needed to continue its mission, transforming lives and providing a safe home for children and youth in the community.